Country Fried Venison Steak, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Mocktails || Frugal Family Food

For Frugal Family Food for the month of February, we have been sharing Romantic Dinner ideas to help you celebrate love on a budget! Today is my turn and I wanted to make sure that I made something that I knew would make my man smile. That’s such an easy call– Meat and Potatoes! Join me as I share with you Jack’s favorite Country Fried Venison Steak, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, and Kentucky Proud Mocktails! Be sure to stay to the end as Jack had some surprises up his sleeve.

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One Pot Meal / Reverse Sear NY Steak And Potatoes On The Firebox Camping Stove

One Pot Meal / Reverse Sear NY Steak And Potatoes On The Firebox Camping Stove

I recently learned about the Reverse Sear steak cooking method. I tried it at home and had good success so I started thinking of how I could make it out on the Firebox. Using the upper chamber to slow cook the steak worked pretty good, but next time I’ll push the temp probe further down and turn the steak at least twice since most of the heat comes up from the bottom.

All the camp cooking gear used in this video is available at Thanks!

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Product Of Jack Link Beef Steak, Teriyaki Tender Bites – Bag, Count 1 – Jerkys / Grab Varieties & Flavors

Product Of Jack Link Beef Steak, Teriyaki Tender Bites – Bag, Count 1 – Jerkys / Grab Varieties & Flavors

Product Features

  • Product Of Jack Link Beef Steak, Teriyaki Tender Bites – Bag, Count 1 – Jerkys / Grab All Varieties

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Steak z vepřové krkovice – Valentýnské menu

Steak z vepřové krkovice! Neuvěřitelná hra chutí v kombinaci se zeleninovýma haranolkama! 🙂 Ano, čtete dobře! Tato kombinace Vás dostane. Navíc máte jídlo hotové dřív než řeknete švec 🙂 Přejeme dobrou chuť a hezký svátek sv. Valentýna!


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Steak Roast and Brown Rice in the Slow Cooker | Large Family Recipes

As a large homeschooling family, I have to give serious thought to what we are going to have for dinner if we plan to be gone for a good part of the day or the part when I should be making dinner.

On this day, we were heading out to go bowling with our homeschool group. My family still has to eat though and so these are the days when I really and truly appreciate my kitchen “servants” that work for me. You’ll see that I use two slow cookers for our dinner on this particular night. See the full large family recipe here on large family table

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How to Cook a Ribeye Steak

So you want to know how to cook a ribeye steak? Well your in the right place. In 2015 we won the world steak championship and these are the techniques that we use at the time. So enjoy and please let us know what your think of out video Hot to cook a ribeye steak.

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Backyard Deep Fryer:
Pit Barrel Cooker:
Victorinox 12″ Pro Slicing Knife:
Weber Kettle:
Weber Grates:
Big Green Egg Vent:
PK Grill:
PK Grill Grates:

This video was filmed on a Canon 80D:

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Steak and Potatoes Mukbang with the Family!

Hola WillTfam! On today’s video we will be doing a steak a potato mukbang with the family! This was very delicious and fun as always! We know you all wanted to see more videos like this, so this is for the fam! Thanks so much for watching!! God bless!….;)

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Keto Day of Eating | Brazilian Steak House | Night to Shine – Tim Tebow Foundation 20% off code: KSALOM

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Bahan-bahan yang dibutuhkan :

Rib Eye Steak (Recomended) Disini aku pake NY Strip
Green Bell Pepper
Bawang Bombay
Provolone Cheese
Hoagie Roll (recomended) disini aku pake italian bread
Cooking Oil

Cara Pembuatan

Potong2 memanjang , bell pepper, bawang bombay dan ptong2 kecil mushroomn.
Potong2 tipis dagingnya usahakan tipis2 sekali yaa klo bisa 🙂

Bumbui daging dengan so sauce, garam dan lada hitam , cooking sake (optional) tdk pake juga gpp, bawang putih bubuk.
atau klo kamu punya preference sendiri utk membumbui dagingnya juga silahkan saja 🙂 .

Sautee semua sayurannya sampai layu angkat dan sisihkan.
Masak daging di api tinggi hingga berwarna cokelat lalu masukan sayuran yang sudah di tumis kemudian tambahkan provolone cheese tunggu sampai cheesenya meleleh. Hidangankan di Hoagie roll yang sudah di paanggang.
Selamat menikmati

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طريقة تحضير ستيك ساندويش وخبز اسمر سهل الهضم Steak Sandwich/شيف احمد

تابعونا على فيسبوك:
تابعونا على انستقرام:

ملاحظة هامة :بعد الاشتراك بالقناة لا تنسوا الضغط على زر الجرس وتفعيله ليصلكم كل جديد
300 غرام لحم فيليه بقر طري
2 بصل صغير
6 حبات فطر ابيض طازج
رشة فلفل اسود
رشة ملح حسب الرغبة
ثلاث ارباع كوب كريمة للطبخ
نصف كوب جبن موزريلا مبشور
2 شرائح جبن موزريلا
كوب ونصف طحين ابيض
كوب طحين اسمر
نصف كوب شوفان
كوب حليب سائل فاتر
ملعقة طعام سكر
ملعقة شاي ملح
نصف ملعقة طعام خميرة جافة فورية
ملعقة طعام زيت زيتون
ملعقة شاي حبة سوداء
ملعقة طعام زيت زيتون للدهن

300 grams of beef fillet
2 small onions
6 fresh white mushrooms
Black pepper sprinkle
1 tsp Salt
Three-quarters cup of cooking cream
Half a cup of mozzarella cheese grated
2 slices of mozzarella cheese
For bread:
1 1/2 cup white flour
1 cup brown flour
Half a cup of oatmeal
1 cup of warm milk
1 tbsp of sugar
1 Teaspoon salt
1/2 instant dry yeast
1 Tablespoon olive oil
1 Teaspoon black seeds
1 Tablespoon olive oil for brush

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